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Friday / 5.28.10

MOM LOGIC Interview

The great folks at Mom Logic just posted my interview...I love these people!  Thanks Mom Logic!


Ali Landry: 'I Don't Think We'll Be Putting My Daughter in Pageants'

posted Friday, May 28, 2010
Ask Ali Landry what her most important accomplishment is in life, and she breezes over winning Miss Louisiana, Miss USA and appearing on TV and in movies. It's being a mom that keeps this Southern belle going! 

Ali Landry
We sat down with Ali to talk about life, motherhood and her uber-cute new line of clothes for girls, Belle Parish.

momlogic: How has life as a mother changed you?

Ali Landry: Becoming a mother has changed me in every way. For one, I am now so much more comfortable in my own read more >
Tuesday / 5.11.10 Race to Erase runway show!

Race to Erase runway show!

Hi Everyone,

Life is crazy right now!  In the past month, I've been to Napa for our 4 year anniversary, my husband and I traveled to Israel for a week, and now I'm traveling around the south doing Belle Parish in-store appearances at Belly Couture in Lubbock, TX and The Children's Shoppe in Ruston, LA.  I'm so excited to be busy and enjoying's finally summer!  While I was in LA last week for a few days, Estela and I had the pleasure of doing the Race to Erase fashion show.  It is a great cause and it was fun to take Estela to a fashion show and let her walk down the runway (actually I carried her:)  I put her in the Estela Dress by Belle Parish for our walk down the red carpet, and then we both wore Tommy Hilfiger.  Alejandro even made it, so it was a family affair! 

If you know anyone in Lubbock or Ruston, tell them to come check out Belle Parish!  I'll be back in LA and blogging more and more...check back smile and follow me on twitter @alilandry



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Monday / 4.12.10

Celebrating Marriage

Hi Everyone!  

I got to spend the weekend celebrating my marriage- FOUR years!  Alejandro and I went to Napa with some friends to relax and enjoy a weekend away from LA.  It was so much fun- we had great food, great wine, and great company!  I can't believe we've been married for four years- it has certainly been busy but most of all a blessing- especially with Estela.  Life is great when you are blessed to spend it with someone who loves you, respects you, and honors's to many more:)!

Follow me on twitter to see all the fun pics from the weekend and where we went!

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Wednesday / 3.31.10 ME AND OPRAH!!!!!! :)

ME AND OPRAH!!!!!! :)

Check out the clip below and you will see the moment I met Oprah....AGAIN.  I was on her show several years ago and I absolutely love her.  I went to the Mo'Nique Oscar luncheon to celebrate her impending victory smile...and all the sudden when we were getting ready to leave, OPRAH WALKED IN.  We couldn't believe it!  I was so excited and the place went finally I walked through the crowd to have my moment.  It was great and captured on camera!


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Thursday / 3.25.10

The BeautiControl Spa Party!

Hi Everyone,

I cannot tell you how excited I am about the huge success of the BC Spa Party that I hosted at my home last night!  It was so wonderful to have a diverse group of women from all over the country- some friends and family, and some new friends from the BC family!  There were also some BC executives at the party- Albert Bosch, the President of BC made the trip all the way from Dallas- thank you so much for coming!  Gary Jones and Eleanor Steele were able to make it as well and it was such a wonderful night for me to share with my friends the wonderful products that BC has to offer...whether it is makeup or skincare. 

The food was AMAZING- thank you to LULU POWERS whose book comes out soon called, 'Lulu Powers- From Food To Flowers' and let me tell you...she put gardenia's in our margarita and it was sooo delicious.  Again- your team was so wonderful and the night went off without a hitch! 

I have a video that I will post later on so you can learn about my long history with BeautiControl....and I will post some party pics too! … read more >

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